YICAI300A Silicone wtistbands printer

YICAI300A Silicone wtistbands printer

  • Model: YICAI300A
  • Max print size: 250*250MM
  • Max frame size: 300*500MM
  • Machine size: 850*850*1250MM
  • Machine wight: 120KG
  • Power: 220/110V 50W
  • Air pressure: 5-7Bar
  • Package size: 900*900*1450MM
  • Package weisht: 140KG

YICAI300A Silicone wtistbands printer

Silicone wristbands printer

  1. What kind of ink?

    For silicone wristbands pinting, we use special silicone ink, need 180-250 drgee drying;

  2. How many color can it print?

    Normally print 1 color, if you want to print 2 color, you need to print twice, after 1 color dried.

  3. Printing style?

    Screen printing, need make a screen frame.

  4. Can it print other product?

    It can print on any round shape product, like bottles, pens. It can change to print on flat surface product also;

  5. How many price can i print per hour;

    About 700-800P/H

  6. Voltage?

    220V/110V, but need a air compressor, bigger than (2-3KW 80-120L) for 1 machine;

  7. What size of wristband can it print?

    It can print202/190/180 and rings. Just check the printing length, can not longer than 250MM;