Paper bags printing machine screen printer

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YICAI3050DV Paper bags printing machine screen printer

Product Description

Product Application

YICAI3050PV desktop screen printing machine with 300*500MM working station, 250*400MM max printing area. Good for flat surface printing, such as glass, paper, pastic, wood, metal and so on.

Table size:
Max printing size:
Max screen frame size:
Max printing height:
Max printing speed:
200V/110V 50W (optional)
Air pressure:
Vacuum table:
Drive method:
compressed air and electricity
Air compressor:
Need; About 1.5-2KW 50-80L(1-2 machine)

Main Features

1) Simple structure ,easy in installation and maintation.

2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

3) High precision Stainless vacuum working station with find adjustment device.

4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, three models:manual/semi-automatic/automatic.

5) Printing height/length/speed/pressure Adjustabled;

6) Production counter insided;

7) Fault alarm system;

8) Emergency stop system;

Detailed Image
Why we are different

Vacuum table.

Stainless surface with vacuum device insided; Good for paper, PVC/PET sheets, plastic sheets printing. It works like this: put the products on the table, push the foot switch, the vacuum on and holde the product tightly on the table, machine start to print, after print, the vacuum is off, then you can pick it up;

Strong screen frame holder.

Difference for orthers, we make the screen frame more stronger and easy to use.

Fine adjustment with laser engarved scale;

World famous pneumatic parts.

YICAI3050 series desktop screen printer used world famous pneumatic parts. Printing cylinder/solenoid valve is AIRTAC;

Rubber holder and ink covering knife.

The angle of the rubber holder is adjustable, meet different printing requirement;

Anodised machine parts make the machine more stronger, can be used for long time.

Updated printing head.

We change the rubber cylinder from 25MM to 32MM, make it more strong and steady; Adjustable printing pressure moved by fine turnning device;


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