what is the advantages of screen printing?

2020-08-30 21:47:28

what is the advantages of screen printing?

    Screen printing is well know as printing on T-shirt, but it can work on many another material, such as glass, wooden, plastic and paper. We call it all-purpose printing, what is the advantages of screen printing? Let me show you:

    1. You can print on any size and shape. General printing can just only work on flat surface, like paper. Screen printing is able to print on flat surface, but also print on cylinder things, such as bottles, pens, cups and other sharpe of things.

    2. You can feel the print by touching it, and with 3D sense. You can have a see at the TV-set remote control, if it is made by silicone, it must be screen printing. Can you feel it?

    3. Suitable for various kinds of ink, such as pulp color, mucilage, glue and printing ink.You shold know, what kind of material you want to print, you should use what kind of ink; Such as, if you want to print on plastic, you should use plastic ink.

    4. The printing can be very very beatiful and without laminating, and can not be affected by sunshine and ari temperature.

    5. Process is very convenient, cheap and wasy to understand. 

    These are the five advantages of screen printing. If you have any question, or something you want to know, do sent me a mail or give me a call, we will do our best to cooperate with you.

    Screen printing advantages impress me much, but it still have many disvantage you can have a look at :Disadvantages of screen printing.

    Enjoy the fun of printing, enjoy the world.